KK. Rekayasa Wilayah Pesisir, Laut dan Maritim


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Laman : http://hidrografi.gd.itb.ac.id/

The Hydrographic Science and Engineering Research Division was founded in the early 80’s being a laboratory under the faculty. Nowadays the group becomes the nation’s strongest hydrographic research unit strengthened by eight staff members (6 PhDs and 2 PhD candidates) holding position ranging from instructor to associate professor. Staff members are also actively involved in teaching and industrial consultancy in the field of inland, coastal and offshore measurement, surveying, mapping and spatial modelling. Our research agenda are divided into three major directions being (1) hydrographic engineering, (2) the science of marine boundary delineation and (3) coastal spatial-based decision support system. The area of interest is applied to earth’s surface dynamics due to natural or anthropogenic influences across watershed, coastal zone and offshore.

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